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A 'Zvezda' Cosmonaut Suit
Coastal Motifs 2017-2018 (#9183 Ofunato, Iwate-Prefecture)
Be@rbrick, Fragment Design Polygon Red
Silent Respiration
One Dollar Coin
Untitled (Man in Cuba)
1295 - 1609
Newsprint Head
Untitled (from Quadrat im Kreis 1946-1976 portfolio)
Estrella Azul Sombre Oro
Paper Mannequin Head
The Power of Love
Constantin Brancusi, Prométhée - L.43 at Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale in New York on May 2 2012
Banksy, Vandalised Phone Box - L.33 at (AUCTION) RED in New York on February 14 2008
Floor Lamp
Seconda Armchairs
HP42 Passengers Boarding London to Paris
Danielle Bust
Wooden Boat with Wheels
Century VG40
Lodge Marquee Sign
Psycolourgy Art, The First 1001
Stock Certificates, Various
Nobu West
Beyond the Visible, Exhibition Poster
Grizzly Bear 42
Butterfly Rainbow H7-1
Golden Bird
Harrods Pot Noodle, Poulet et Champignon
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Heart Target 3
Warrior Head
Untitled (Grey)
Bauhausbaukasten (Lecons D'Architecture)
Study of Motion
Bird in Space
Jelly Baby (Slab Desk Top) Blue
Follower of Leonardo Da Vinci, 17th Century, Mona Lisa - L.171 at Master Paintings & Sculpture Day Sale in New York on January 31 2019
Zhang Xiaogang, Big Family: Boy - L.1054 at Contemporary Asian Art in Hong Kong on April 4 2011
Amber Fame
Black & White 2
Portrait of a Gentleman Now Moustached and Wearing a Fez and Holding a Cigar
L'Art Vivant Estas-Unit
Wooden Liner
America Red Orange
The Story of Babar The Little Elephant
Blue Dog
Cheval Noir
Reigning Queens
Delft Blue Tulip Vase
With You in Mind
The Last Supper
Portrait of Robert Downer
Science is Truth Found Out
A Man and His Dog
Repetitive Sensations of Yves Klein Blue II
Art Cash (Ones)
Untitled (Giuseppe Chiari in Cuba)
Gon (Gorilla) Passport Mask
Structure, 1929-83
Cerceaux (Danse Des Cerceaux)
Figure Study
This is Not a Self Portrait
Small Cloned Penguin
Circle of Leonardo Da Vinci, Bust of Christ - L.4 At Old Masters Evening Sale in London on December 5 2018
Zhang Xiaogang, Big Family: Girl - L.1055 At Contemporary Asian Art in Hong Kong on April 4 2011
Light Rock
Italian Cork Aluminium Chairs
The Awakening
Five Stars
Moutons De Laine
Guardsman Soldier
900 Flat Front Two Door Hatchback Coupe
No Dancing Sign (Japan)
Maneki Neko
Tread Softly
Birth of Venus
Water Pitcher from New Delft Series
Go Forward
900 Flat Front Two Door Notchback Coupe
Beanz Meanz Heinz
Photo Portrait of Robert Downer
A Rose by any Other Name
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